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Floyd Mayweather’s Failure to Knock Out Logan Paul Is Embarrassing

In November 2019, Logan Paul (0-1, 0 knockouts) lost a split decision to fellow YouTube star Olajide William Olatunji (1-0, 0 knockouts), aka KSI. The less-than-violent fray filled the Staples Center with 12,000 fans. An estimated 2.5 million viewers tuned into the fight. A sub-novice boxer, Paul, was guaranteed a purse of $900K, more than 99 percent of what authentic fighters earn in a lifetime of work inside the ropes. Go figure!

And go figure is precisely what Floyd Mayweather Jr. did when Paul baited him into last night’s exhibition.

The boxer with the moniker “Money” grasped that going a few rounds with this pugilistic poseur would deliver a Brinks truck of cash to his bank account. And Money was right.

Mayweather grew up in a boxing family and knows the damage those hurricane blows can wreak. Even in his prime, the native of Grand Rapids, Michigan, was cagey about who he fought and when.

Since he retired in 2015, Mayweather has learned to monetize his fistic acumen without tussling with anyone capable of threatening his 50-0 ledger and legacy.


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