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The night I saw a UFO

I’m glad the Pentagon has been directed by Congress to declassify its treasure trove of information on unidentified flying objects this month. I’m especially glad because I have my own UFO story to tell.

″60 Minutes” recently dug into the newly available material, airing interviews with fighter pilots who experienced close encounters with flying objects that would seem to defy all the laws of aerodynamics.

For ages, people who saw UFOs generally stayed mum. One of the pilots interviewed on “60 Minutes” admitted that if she hadn’t been with three other pilots when she glimpsed whatever it was that took off at 13,000 mph, she might have kept the experience to herself rather than risk a psychiatric evaluation.

Recently, talk show host Jimmy Kimmel began his nightly monologue with the observation that if this information had been declassified in the ’80s, the conversation about flying saucers would have been a nonstop buzz. Maybe it is the plethora of apocalyptic sci-fi flicks or maybe people are less skeptical, but the reactions to the news about visits from deep space are met with a collective shrug. I don’t get it: The presence of creatures who appear to have the capacity to shatter human civilization no longer seems earth-shattering. Nevertheless, here’s my less than earth-shattering experience.


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