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How Big of a Factor Was Pacquiao’s Injured Shoulder?

Manny Pacquiao underwent surgery on his right shoulder on Wednesday. Pacquiao, who said he had been slowed by his shoulder for weeks before his bout against Floyd Mayweather Jr., said he reinjured it in the fourth round of the bout.

According to ringside judges, Mayweather put together a lopsided victory. One judge gave Pacquiao the nod in only two rounds, with the other two giving Pacquiao the nod in four rounds. But Pacquiao had his moments and there were a number of stanzas that were difficult to score. After the final bell, Pacquiao told announcer Max Kellerman that he thought he won the fight and there were some observers who had the score much closer than the judges.

But how big of a factor was Pacquiao’s injured shoulder?

Although Pacquiao failed in the all-important tasks of cutting off the ring and preventing Mayweather from tying him up, the shoulder could have played a prominent role in shaping the contours of this contest...

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