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What Manny Pacquiao’s Camp Is Afraid Of

Put this on the long list of tactics that underdog Manny Pacquiao must be wary of when he faces undefeated Floyd Mayweather Jr.: trash-talking.

“Manny has not been in with a lot of trash-talkers,” said Freddie Roach, Pacquiao’s trainer. “Mayweather is like Ali in the sense that he will talk to you a lot in the fight. He will rest on the ropes, chatter in your ear and try to get you out of your game.

“I’m really not sure how Manny is going to react to that. He can’t let himself get distracted.”

This is so paramount to Roach that he is preparing Pacquiao for it. The Hall of Fame trainer said he plans on bringing in sparring partners who chatter like Mayweather. A representative from the Mayweather camp said the boxer can’t be reached for comment.

The ramp-up for the May 2 megabout in Las Vegas is now under way. Pacquiao arrived in Los Angeles on Saturday to begin training. The boxers are set to hold a news conference there on March 11.

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